Never Graduated

Just the beginning (image via Baim Hanif)

Learning stops in adulthood because people think all they’ll be doing the rest of their lives is working. But the cubicle, formerly called the ‘action of office,’ is where ideas and learning go to die.

You can put your head down and work for the same company for 20 years if you want. You’ll gain title and support the family. Everything will be safe and stable.

But you’ll never use up all your vacation days. You’ll get stuck in the maelstrom of email and unnecessary meetings and come out feeling no smarter than where you started.

You can attach meaning to your job, but it’ll never replace the significance of continued learning that the Internet makes so accessible. Tools for continued learning in adulthood include podcasts, tweets, RSS, newsletters, and general curiosity. The best part about is that it’s all free. And in a perfect world, this information helps you or at least inspires you to do your job!

Sustenance, or in some cases chasing the Benjamins, are no substitute for education. Throwing in the towel helps nothing but time fly, a distraction from the things that matter.

Business isn’t necessarily learning. It’s just business.

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