You do you

Image via Jerry Kiesewetter

A person can still retain their individuality within a group.

If there are only two parties, two teams, etc., you have to choose the one that comes closest to your beliefs. Choosing sides does not necessitate absolute obedience, nor concede your uniqueness.

When it comes to conformity, there will always be different levels of intensity. People are too complex.

There is little reward for doing what you’re told. And there’s more to gain from riding the sides.

Stimulate the imagination

More than ordinary (image via Siriwan Srisuwan)

Presence is about more than chasing mindfulness. It’s also about pulling intelligence from the heart.

It is possible to know something before asking how you know it. You don’t analyze a morning breeze; it feels like an extension of the imagination.

Think less, not more, to unlock the unconscious and get out of your own head. Maintain your curiosity of everyday things to help you escape the routine. Noticing stimulates within itself.

Call to mind

Instagram: @bombtune

When an image comes to mind, it goes from dreamy obscurity to reality.

Images don’t exist until our eyes give them interpretation. They wait for the brain’s chaotic cellular information to connect. Our visions act like an aperture on the iPhone, rendering the the highest pixel resolution.

What brings life into existence is the stimulus of biology. Otherwise, images, thoughts, and things are loose pieces of triviality. We make objects important.

Push things forward 

Try and cry. (Photo via Josh Marshall)
We need struggle because we need the ideas. To quote author Bernard Malamud, “if you haven’t struggled, you haven’t yet lived.”

We seek less freedom, not more; constriction narrows down the number of options. It yields the gift of a clearer path.

We are condemned to fail forward at something. Handicaps stimulate persistence; weaknesses convince us to focus on our strengths. As the philosopher and novelist Colin Wilson once wrote: “Meaning instantly creates energy.”

It’s time to wake up and push things forward.